Revelation 10:6
...that there should be time no longer:

On earth we have a thing called time.
    We gage our life with this time-line.
With time we start, with time we end.
    Everything else on time does depend.

When we die and leave all behind,
    we also will leave this thing called time.
No time above would mean no wait,
    thus all together, will we meet at the gate?

Gramps who died some years ago,
    arrives above with everyone from below.
While we wept and mourned his death,
    we also departed with his last breath.

Eve may have been picking fruit,
    while Billy the Kid was stealing loot.
I know this sounds a little odd
    but after all we serve a mighty God.

This whole world is but one thought,
    results of the thinking our Lord wrought.
Itís man who thinks time moves slow,
    proving once more, what little we know!


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