So, Where on Earth is Jesus Christ?
The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul:

Here on earth we have Jesus Christ in the flesh for the flesh as the Holy Word of God or law.  No love, no mercy, no hate, only the cold hard law of God the Father.  Jesus Christ in the flesh is God only, through the Word or law, to the unholy, the unrighteous, the unsanctified, the born of the flesh, the sinner, and a babe in Christ, to name a few.  

A disciple is unholy ... a vessel unto honor, sanctified and meet for the master's use is holy.

Jesus Christ in love and spirit, the Son of the living God, is not here on earth.  NO, NO!  He is in heaven, setting on the right hand side of God the Father.  The God-head, via the spirit of God the Father (the one and only Holy Spirit) communes directly with all of His holy righteous sanctified born of the Spirit saints in heaven and on earth. 

The Second Blessing is the Ultimate Transformation from Unholy to Holy 

John 3:5 ... Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of (1) water and of the (2)Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Also another, consider the rich young ruler, Jesus offered him two ways.  All must seek after holiness but only a few achieve it.

For many years in our churches and among various leaders an argument existed called the second blessing.  Little has been mentioned of this dispute over the past number of liberal and downgrading years and all indicators, such as the worldly church, acknowledge the argument was staunchly defeated.  It was believed by only a few, a good sign, who argued there were two spiritual blessings required for a full and complete salvation.  The argument 'for' states the first spiritual blessing occurs when a soul first connects with God (baptism by water) and the second blessing follows years down the road with the fulfillment of the highway of holiness or law, and occurs once a soul is sanctified or made holy.  Then and only then would faith come, finishing a perfected and lawful holy saint.  This is a transformation from disciple (student) to saint (perfection).

We receive the Holy Spirit of God the Father ONLY after fulfilling His Law!

If you have followed the recommended succession of webpages on this site, beginning with The Creation, the Word of God has biblically proven once and for all the second blessing is real.

Summary of Second Blessing Evidence

Matthew 22:14 ... For many are called, but few are chosen.

FIRST BLESSING FOR THE UNHOLY FLESH:  Many are called but few are chosen. God does not react to man but man reacts to God.  God is God and a holy righteous sanctified soul would be a servant for the Master's use.  God is God and man is nothing!  Natural man looks upon God as their personal servant.  When God acts or places a call upon a soul that soul is under heavy conviction.  The natural reaction to Godís call is to seek Him out, and when found a sweet holy blessing falls upon the individual and can be with them for several weeks.

The many take this first blessing as to be permanently saved, then fall into a worldly church and look to them as their authority rather than turning to Godís Holy Word.  As babes in Christ they are taught in err and are spiritually aborted.  The killer is disobedience.  The Holy Word of God will never come alive without obediently starting in order; first public baptism by water, then mercies promised only to the penitent, however, most never pass this starting point as going back in time and facing all you have injured or wronged. This is the beginning of the second death as from this point on the first blessing is over. For the few obedient Believers who obey the ultimate challenge of the Gospel they set out to seek ye first the kingdom of God, or holiness, one and the same!  Miss anyone of these essentials, as the many do, and the Gospel will be hidden from you and you'll never know what a second blessing will be when the law or the schoolmaster delivers you unto Christ.

No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

The few are chosen lawfully follow Scripture or the law until faith comes and then, and only then, the schoolmaster brings them to Christ, then they receive true holy faith, plus all the other treasures hidden on the other side of our cross. This is the unarguable and almighty second blessing called REDEMPTION!  The cross-less masses are taught by unholy man that redemption comes with the simple prayer of contrition.  What biblically comes with the prayer of contrition is the law of God, and as they reject the law, they reject the schoolmaster, the number one essential to eternal life.   

The Unworthy Unbelievers

It's pathetic at best when an argument or dispute occurs where one side believes there is more to true salvation then the simple prayer of contrition.  If this was all there was why the seminaries?  Why the degrees?  Why the ordinations?  Why the worldly church?  Why the Holy Word of God?  Why a covenant?  Why a Satan?  Why a Savior?  Who other than an Elmer Gantry would take a stand that the prayer of contrition alone sanctifies, brings faith, imputes righteousness, justifies a soul, creates a saint, wins the Holy Spirit, produces a full pardon and assures the individual their five minute investment into the death of Jesus Christ upon His cross, (their cross missing) guarantees they are joint heirs to the kingdom of God and eternal life is secured, even though they remain unholy sinners?  This simple plan of salvation, as known, sells far better here than in the hereafter.  The only ones on the planet earth who would, or could believe such foolishness are the want-to-be-deceived and the deceiver (the anti-Christ) and both will be before the judge on Judgment-day. Not a good place to be.

One may write until time is no more but the summation of the Holy Word of God
is cloaked tightly in these two promises;  Obey and Live ... Disobey and Die!

A truth comes forth from this Second Blessing argument as it reveals how few go on to sanctification and holiness, or take up their cross and follow Jesus.  Our worldly churches are generating easily deceived unworthy unbelievers in uncountable numbers as they lead their cross-less masses of America, and the world, into the eternal fires of hell and simultaneously reek havoc upon our lands, ... for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

This entire Succession of writings comes down to one thing and one thing alone, our obedience to God's word.  We all have our cross to bear, so goes the saying, as if ever person's cross is different, and no one can look at another and see if they are, or not, bearing their cross.  Not So!  Our cross comes down to one very visible thing alone ... the highway to holiness.  If we are seeking holiness with all of our hearts we are bearing our cross.  However, if we feel holiness does not matter and we are not working on it, we are counted unworthy and we are dammed.  

All of mankind fears the 'curse' of the law and rightfully understandable, however,
it is the few wayfarer's who tell themselves, it is what it is, and marches on into the deathly unknown dark fires of God!

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