The following is an excerpt from 'Through the Fire in Search of Holiness'

Luke 4:4
     And Jesus answered him, saying,
It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.
     "No longer," was the shout from the deacons to the pulpit.  "On these holiness sermons you must at once quit."  The clergy took heed to the fire in their eyes and took from God's Word the plan that purifies. "The church doesn't want it," these grand men together cried.  So no longer is the church set apart but it is now set aside.

     They set aside the cross that each of us must carry.  They set aside the living sacrifice for that was scary.  They set aside the purging and the cries into the night and replaced holy perfection with a Sunday morning fight.  They set aside the old man, dead to sin and crucified.  They set aside the need we each be sanctified.  They set aside God's righteousness and the peace that follows close behind, replaced them with whispers of division, blaming others with words unkind.

     Now flustered, they scratch their heads thunderstruck, as they prance up and down, but if they  wanted the truth they could ask the ones in town.  The folk there will tell you they're a strange bunch down the way, they sing the song and preach of mansions and every now and then they pray.  And they frighten the whole town for if this ain't odd, a bunch of people playing church - after they set aside God!

Without every word of God  - we cannot live!

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