For judgment I am come into this world,
that they which see not might see.
                                - Jesus Christ

A beggar I watched as he crouched on the walk
with his palm lifted high in the air.
From dawn till dusk he hardly would move
as into the distance hed stare.
A nameless soul who no one would claim
and few would offer their change.
A nuisance underfoot on this busy street,
a beggar who seemed so strange.
As I gazed at the man I thought of myself
imagining it was me in his place.-

-As there I sat with the world looking down
on the lowest of Gods human race.
My face I kept turned for none cared to see
and my name I could not recall.
The cramps in my legs were second to thirst
as I struggled to sit and not fall.
I felt of the change gripped tight in my fist
and sensed no supper tonight.
The cold in the air was clearing the streets
and as I stood it took all my might.
Across the way my eye caught one man,
one man I barely could see.
I stood so still as the truth was revealed
this beggar in the glass - was me!

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